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Mercury ions (Hg(2+)) are one of the most dangerous pollutants

Even at low concentration, it causes serious environmental and health problems. Current methods for the detection of Hg(2+) in environmental samples are tedious and time consuming because they require sophisticated instrumentation and complicated sample pre-treatment processes. In this work, a novel probe with high selectivity towards Hg(2+) was synthesized and a one step competitive immunochromatographic assay based on the probe for the detection of Hg(2+) was developed and applied for water samples.

The detection conjugate was immobilized on one end of the nitrocellulose membrane (detection line) and anti-BSA polyclonal antibody was immobilized on the other end of the membrane (control line). Hg(2+) in samples competed with… the probe to bind with immobilized detection conjugate.

The visual detection limit of Hg(2+) in spiked water samples was found to be about 1 ppb. The qualitative assay can be performed within 15 min. The advantages of the technique are rapidity, low cost and without the need of any equipment and complicated sample preparation.

Link stability issue is significant in many aspects, especially for the route selection process in mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs)

Most previous works focus on the link stability in static environments, with fixed sampling windows which are only suitable for certain network topologies. In this paper, we propose a scheme to estimate the link stability based on link connectivity changes, which can be performed on the network layer, without the need of peripheral devices or low layer data.

We adopt a variable sized sampling window and propose a method to estimate the link transition rates. The estimation scheme is not restricted to specific network topologies or mobility models. After that, we propose a routing method which adjusts its operating mode based on the estimated link stability….

Simulation results show that the proposed scheme can provide correct estimation in both stationary and non-stationary scenarios, and the presented routing protocol outperforms conventional routing schemes without link stability estimation.

The core difference of this new method from the same kind of methods

With the view of effectively fitting the complicated water level process of the lower Yellow River, polynomial regression, stepwise regression, parameters by ridge estimate and so on, are logically integrated. And the progressive transformation is introduced. Then a new method is put forward.

The core difference of this new method from the same kind of methods lies in that in this method the strong coupling effect of weak influencing factors which is common in a complicated water level process is considered, that many effective methods are synthetically used to reduce the fitting model error, and that the necessary progressive transformation is introduced. The advantages of many theories and methods are logically integrated in this method, and the method can be easily used.

The… rationality and necessity of each step in this method are ensured by sufficient theories, so this method can be widely used to effectively simulate the inherent relations in the same kind of complicated data. Furthermore, many complicated water level processes of the lower Yellow River are fitted by this method, and all the fitting precisions are markedly higher than the precision by the other existing methods. Every component term in the fitting model has clear physical meaning.

A prototype called the HyConExplorer created with the framework is presented

This paper introduces the notion of context-aware mobile hypermedia. Context awareness means to take the users’ context such as location, time, objective, community relations, etc., into account when browsing, searching, annotating, and linking. Attributes constituting the context of the user may be sensed automatically and/or be provided by the user directly.

When mobile, the user may obtain context-aware hypermedia support on a variety of small and medium sized computing platforms such as mobile phones, PDAs, tablet PCs, and laptops. This paper introduces the HyCon (HyperContext) framework with an architecture for context-aware hypermedia. The architecture includes interfaces for a sensor tier encapsulating relevant sensors and represents the hypermedia objects in structures based on… the XLink and RDF standards.

A prototype called the HyConExplorer created with the framework is presented, and it is illustrated how the classical hypermedia features such as browsing, searching, annotating, linking, and collaboration are supported in context-aware hypermedia. Among the features of the HyConExplorer are real-time location-based searches via Google collecting hits within a specified nimbus around the user’s GPS position. Finally, the use of scenarios for and evaluation of the use of the HyConExplorer in public school projects are discussed.

The mechanism of tooth bleaching using peroxide oxidizers is not fully understood

It is shown how the increment of the population mean is driven by its own diversity and follows a modified Newton’s search. Sufficient conditions for monotonic increase of the population mean fitness are derived for a more general class of fitness functions satisfying a Lipschitz condition. The diversification role of the crossover operator is analyzed in Part II.

Two patients with postoperative cicatricial lower lid ectropion were managed by having the patient massage the lower lid in an upward direction over a methyl-methacrylate scleral ring. The ectropion was corrected. Such nonsurgical management may be attempted as an alternate initial therapy for the patient who refuses or should not immediately undergo additional surgery..

2014]Niacin for reduction of cardiovascular risk.Landray MJ, Haynes R, Armitage J. N Engl J Med. 2014 Nov 13; 371(20):1943-4. Seven of eight dominant OTUs during the first period clustered with the spirochete group, although a cyclic pattern of substitution occurred among members within this order. A more flexible community structure characterized the second period, since a sequential replacement of a Eubacterium-related organism by an unrelated deep-branched organism and finally by a Propionibacterium-like species was observed. Metabolic differences among the dominant fermenters detected suggest that changes in carbon and electron flow occurred during the stable performance and indicate that an extremely dynamic community can maintain a stable ecosystem function..

OBJECTIVES: The mechanism of tooth bleaching using peroxide oxidizers is not fully understood. It is unknown whether peroxide radicals make teeth whiter by deproteinizing, demineralizing, or oxidizing tooth tissues. This study was designed to define the mechanism of tooth bleaching and determine which of tooth enamel chemical components is/are affected by bleaching.METHODS: Sixty sound teeth were collected from adult patients.

Critical analysis of the absorption spectra of the purple membrane was also employed to establish criteria of purity for the preparation. The visible absorption spectra of the purified purple membrane preparation in buffer was found to have a maximum at 559 nm which shifted to 567 nm on light exposure. No indication of any spectral perturbation arising from bacterioruberin-containing membrane, the major contaminant in purple membrane preparations, was found.

PURPOSE: Crowding, the difficulty in recognizing a letter in close proximity with other letters, has been suggested as an explanation for slow reading in people with central vision loss. The goals of this study were (1) to examine whether increased letter spacing in words, which presumably reduces crowding among letters, would benefit reading for people with central vision loss and (2) to relate our finding to the current account of faulty feature integration of crowding.METHODS: Fourteen observers with central vision loss read aloud single sentences, one word at a time, using rapid serial visual presentation. Reading speeds were calculated based on the rapid serial visual presentation exposure durations yielding 80% accuracy.